Chlor-alkali chemical industry development advantages in Inner Mongolia

Chlor-alkali chemical industry development advantages in Inner Mongolia Chlor-alkali Chemical Industry Development Advantages of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region The chlor-alkali chemical industry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is mainly focused on Wuhai-Usita-qipanjing (Monsea) along the “small triangle” area of ​​the Yellow River. Currently, polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda, and The chlor-alkali chemical industry, whose main product is deep-processed products, has become the country's largest producer of calcium carbide process polyvinyl chloride.

The first is the advantages of resources. Limestone is rich in resources, and the high-quality limestone reserves in Wuhai City amount to 20 billion tons. It is a rare mining area. There is a good source of raw salt. Alxa Lake is rich in salt resources, and 35 lake salt producing areas have been discovered, 16 of which are proven reserves. The total reserves of Jilantai Salt Lake amount to 160 million tons, and the annual extraction volume is about 1.5 million tons. The total amount of rock salt in Yulin, Shaanxi, which is 350 kilometers from Wuhai, accounts for 26% of the country. The installed power capacity of the “Xiaoshan” region has reached 8.4 million kW. There are more than 30 substations with various voltage levels and a total substation capacity of more than 6 million kilowatts, which is networked with the Mengxi Power Grid through dual-circuit 500 kV and 220 kV lines. The “small triangle” region is the most prominent area for the comprehensive supporting advantages of domestic chlor-alkali chemical raw materials.

The second is basic advantage. The existing production capacity of PVC in the “Little Triangle” region is 1.6 million tons, and the total planned production capacity of the vision will reach more than 5 million tons. China's largest plastics exchange (Guangzhou Plastics Exchange, the transaction volume of PVC accounts for 27% of the country) has been built in Wuhai City, an annual output of 300,000 tons of PVC, caustic soda project, at the same time in Wuhai to build northwest plastic delivery warehouse. By using its convenient sales channels and convenient information channels, the company has formed the overall advantages of products and prices, creating favorable conditions and smooth channels for the sales of PVC in the “small triangle” region.

Explosion-proof floor (spark-guided electrostatic ground hardener)

Is a rigorous quality control, site-ready factory ready-mix powder. It contains a selection of metallic mineral aggregate materials and specialty Portland cement, as well as special additives to promote construction performance. Specially made of materials to ensure accurate grade with no impurities, the aggregate shows good electrical conductivity and wear resistance.

For the need to improve the wear resistance, resistance of the concrete surface layer, especially the spark, antistatic area. For example: Flammable warehouses, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, dangerous products workshop, gas stations, liquefied gas stations, ammunition depots, hangars, textiles, electronics, paper, printing and other long-term electrostatic regions.

Construction Technology:

1, the minimum content of grass-roots concrete 300kg / m3, concrete should be segregated and bleeding to minimize water-cement ratio less than 0.55, concrete slump should be between 75 to 100 mm;

2, in order to ensure the final finishes display the required conductive and sparking properties, the correct amount of 9kg / m2 construction is essential. It is advisable to draw the area of the plate to be constructed on the ground and throw enough material to achieve the required amount. (Anti-static requirements are required to embed copper wire)

3, evenly sprinkled on the concrete surface, to mention pulp treatment, when the ground has sufficient hardness, will not be damaged, you can use the mechanical spatula blade for the final polishing ground

4, in order to ensure the ground characteristics, must be properly maintained

Material properties:

Wear resistance: The treated concrete floor exhibits at least three times more wear resistance than the untreated concrete floor.

Non-flammable property : Using a grinding wheel, the test room was completely dark, under pressure of 1020N, and no instantaneous spark was found.

electrical properties: It shows good conductivity to transmit static electricity, and can be grounded according to the traditional method after specific requirements. The ductile metal materials are concentrated on the ground so that they have a high anti-flaming property to metal collision.

Surface resistance value: 1.0×105~1.0×108Ω
compression strength: Using the same amount of water as the actual construction, the standard compressive strength of the test block reached 90Mpa in 28 days.
Anti-Static Ground Hardener Performance characteristics:

1,Make the ground extremely hard, wear resistant and impact resistant
2, form integral bond with concrete base surface
3, flame-proof static electricity
4, prevent all kinds of oil, grease erosion
5,Easy to construct

Storage: The original package is stored in normal temperature and dry environment for 6 months.

Health and Safety:

When the product is mixed with moisture, the released alkali can damage the skin, stimulate the eyes and respiratory system, and avoid inhaling the powder. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable gloves and eye protectors. Once you touch the skin, rinse with clear water. Once you touch your eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical advice


performance index 

compression strength(3days)



Compress ionstrength(28days)


rupture strength(28days) 



Non-flammable,Non exploding, nonflammable

Non exploding, nonflammable

A1 level

abrasion performance(750g/500r)


Hardness (Morse)


Surface strength (indentation diameter mm)


Oil resistance 

Oil seepage<0.3mm

High temperature 


Antifreeze type

-40℃(Freeze-thaw specimen after 25 times without cracks, corner off defects, the rate of strength loss)≤15%

Bond strength(28days)


Skid resistance (wet and dry friction coefficient)


Air cleanliness

N7~N9 level

Green environmental protection

No harmful radioactivity, no harmful volatiles, no pollution

Anti-static Ground Hardener

Anti-Static Ground Hardener,Anti-Static Floor Hardener,Anti-Static Fire-Free Aggregate,Anti-Static Aggregate Ground Hardener

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