Chinese Academy of Sciences Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell Made New Progress

Recently, the team led by Liu Shengzhong, a researcher of the Department of Solar Energy Research of the Clean Energy National Laboratory of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Shaanxi Normal University, cooperated with Shaanxi Normal University to produce a flexible perovskite solar cell with an efficiency of 16.09% using solid-state ionic liquids as electron transport materials. , Breakthrough the highest efficiency of current flexible devices. The relevant results were published in the "Advanced Materials" (DOI: 10.1002/adma.201600446).

According to the website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, flexible solar cells have attracted wide attention due to their advantages of light weight, portability, ease of transportation, and installation. At present, high-performance perovskite solar cells adopt a typical sandwich configuration (cathode/electron transport layer/perovskite light absorption layer/hole transport layer/anode). General interface layer materials require high temperature processing (>450°C), which not only increases energy consumption, but also limits the use of highly efficient flexible perovskite solar cells. In response to this problem, the team used magnetron sputtering to prepare a highly transmissive, high-carrier mobility titanium oxide electron transport layer at room temperature. The efficiency of the flexible perovskite thin-film cell based on this material was 15.07%. The highest efficiency at the time. The relevant results are published in "Energy Environmental Science" (2015, 8, 3208-3214, DOI: 10.1039/C5EE02155C).

Recently, the team found that the use of a solid state ionic liquid as an electron transport material for a perovskite solar cell can effectively improve the efficiency of the device, and can also well suppress the current-voltage hysteresis effect in the device, and the prepared flexible cell efficiency reaches 16.09. %, breaking the highest efficiency of current flexible devices. The excellent device performance is mainly attributed to the fact that the ionic liquid has a good photorefractive effect, a high electron mobility, and a suitable energy level, while the ionic liquid can reduce the defects of the perovskite film. This research result provides a practical way to realize the promotion of low-cost, large-area flexible perovskite solar cells.

The research was funded by the Central University Fund, the Yangtze River Scholars and the Innovation Team's "111 Plan" and "Thousand People Plan" projects.

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