China makes the world's fastest charging bus: 30 seconds flash drive 5 km

No need to lay the power rail for 30 seconds, flash charge can run 5 kilometers

Ningbo will launch 1,200 modern trams within the next five years. The first trolleybus will operate during the year. The fare mode is the same as that of ordinary buses.

Yesterday morning, China South Locomotive Super Capacitor Energy Storage Modern Electric Car was released globally and the first signing ceremony of Ningbo was held at CSR Industry Base. At the event site, an 18-meter super capacitor energy storage modern tram was unveiled. According to the plan, this year, CSR will transform the Ningbo base into a global modern tram headquarters. It is worth expecting that the Ningbo City Passenger Transport Administration and Zhejiang CSR Traction Company signed a large order of 1,200 super capacitor modern trams. These vehicles will be on the road in five years.

According to the "People's Daily Overseas Edition" report, this tram is the fastest charging bus in the world today. The 10-second flash-filled pure electric bus does not need to set up an air supply network. It only needs to set up a charging pile at the bus stop and use passengers to get on and off. The battery can be fully charged and maintained for more than 5 kilometers in 30 seconds, and can be reciprocated online.

Authoritative release

1200 modern trams in five years

Liu Youmei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the expert committee of CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., is the leader in the development of energy storage modern trams.

“This supercapacitor energy storage system is the most advanced in the world.” Yesterday, he “advertised” on the spot: There are currently three vehicles using this supercapacitor energy storage system: 18 meters super capacitor energy storage modern tram, 12 meters Super Capacitor Energy Storage Modern Tram and 12m Super Capacitor with ternary lithium battery modern tram. "There is no need to set up an airborne power supply network for such vehicles. You only need to set up a charging pile at the bus stop. You can charge the electricity within 30 seconds and drive about 5 kilometers."

Yesterday, Ningbo City Passenger Transport Administration and Zhejiang Nanche Tram Company signed a procurement contract for 1,200 super capacitor modern electric cars, which can be described as “big hand”. Among them, there are 600 in Ningbo City, 400 in Chenzhou, 100 in Zhenhai and 100 in Beilun. These modern trams will be delivered in batches over five years for urban public transport.

The reporters have heard that this large order is mainly composed of modern trams of 12 meters long, and will be equipped with modern trams of 18 meters in length.

There are 42 modern trams of 18 meters in length, with a maximum capacity of 150 passengers. It is more suitable for the large-capacity rapid transit BRT with bus lanes; the 12-meter energy-saving modern tram is suitable for the operation of the city bus lines. These modern trams have a top speed of 70 km/h.

An industry insider calculated the account for the reporter: If 25 cars are allocated by one line, the size of 1200 units is equivalent to more than 40 bus lines.

latest progress

The first trolleybus line operates during the year

Ningbo's first trolleybus line, with a total length of 10.2 kilometers. From Yanzhou Avenue, take Tiantong South Road to Jixian Avenue, and the end point is in Innovation 128 Park. It is still in the trial run phase and is expected to operate in the second half of the year.

This line uses a 12-meter-long supercapacitor energy-storing modern tram, which is expected to launch 10 cars, with the same fare mode as buses.

"At this stage, during the load test, a lot of sandbags will be placed in the carriage. Five vehicles will run along the route every day, and will be charged at the station. It will start as normal as the official operation." He Anqing, chief engineer of Zhejiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. revealed. Generally speaking, it takes 3 to 5 months for the test run. After the end of the load test, it will enter the simulation test ride stage. According to this calculation, Ningbo's first trolley bus is expected to open during the year.

[Trying experience]

Lu Ziyue praises the modern tram is very comfortable

Among the first testers, the reporter saw the figure of Ningbo Mayor Lu Ziyue.

On the way, he talked about his own ride experience. "I once took a tram in Taiwan. I didn't expect the car to suddenly stop in half. It turned out to be out of power." As he spoke, he turned to ask the entourage. "Will Ningbo's modern tram run without electricity? ”

“Absolutely not!” The staff said that Ningbo's modern tram uses supercapacitor as the main power, and the tram can achieve rapid full charge within 30 seconds when the pit stops. At the same time, the vehicle has a spare battery, and if it encounters an abnormal situation, the backup battery can be used.

A reporter asked: "How do you feel when you take the modern tram?" Lu Ziyue said concisely, "The vehicle is very comfortable." Speaking of the feeling of riding, Xiong Jianping, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, used three very ones: “very environmentally friendly, very comfortable, and very quiet.”

Tram reveal

The station is equipped with a charging network for 30 seconds to fully charge

How is the world's first supercapacitor energy storage modern tram "cool"?

Liu Youmei, the leader of this tram development, said that there is no need to set up an airborne power supply network for such vehicles. Simply set up a charging station at the bus stop, and the battery can be fully charged within 30 seconds, driving about 5 kilometers. When braking and downhill, more than 85% of the braking energy can be converted into electrical energy, which is stored and reused by the super capacitor. A super capacitor is about 1 liter milk box size. It is made of high-performance carbon material. It is environmentally friendly and safe. It can be repeatedly charged and discharged 1 million times and has a service life of up to 10 years. “This type of tram only needs to build a charging device at the site. Its construction cost is only about one-tenth of that of a tram. It is especially suitable for upgrading existing lines in large and medium-sized cities.”

Yesterday, when the reporter tried to take the modern tram, he also carefully observed the charging mode of this tram.

Roughly speaking, there is no difference between the modern tram stop and the ordinary bus stop. However, when the driver enters the platform and presses the button, the power pan on the trolleybus will rise upward under the intelligent control, and the charging net at the top of the station platform. Seamless connection for charging. In the operation process, there are two modes of fast charge and slow charge. The charging time at the first and last stations is relatively long, about 10 minutes, and the intermediate station uses fast charging. In just 30 seconds, it can run 5 kilometers.

"When the car is parked under the charging pile, will it test the driving skills?" The staff smiled and said, "This is not difficult. In the future, a special parking line will be drawn. In this parking line, Can charge trolleybuses."

If the charging pile fails, will the vehicle "armpit"? In fact, in addition to the backup power supply, a small charging car will be equipped on the line. In the event of a similar failure, the charging car will charge the trolley for flow.

Comfortable in the car, comfortable ride

After reading the "cool" charging technology, let's take a look at the comfort performance of modern trams.

The most eye-catching of the three modern trams is the 18-meter-long "big guy", with orange and blue tones that are exceptionally bright. At first glance, it is similar to the 18-way bus that the public is familiar with.

The vehicle uses a low floor and enters the cabin, feeling that the space is much more spacious. A tall middle-aged man next to the reporter said, "One meter and eight standing, there is no pressure at all."

"This car is quite large, can you install a lot of people?" Someone asked at the scene. The staff said that the 18-meter modern tram has 42 seats and the maximum passenger capacity is 150.

There are many humanized designs in the 18-meter modern tram. For example, at the lower door of the carriage, there is a yellow pedal, which is a barrier-free device. When a passenger with limited mobility gets on the bus, the board can be put down, and even if it is pushed in a wheelchair, it is easy to get on and off. Facing the lower door, there are two folding seats.

When the bus that is usually used is started, people will have the inertia of leaning forward. This time, although the reporter was standing in the carriage, when the vehicle started, there was no sense of frustration and the stability was good. Even if a reporter is interviewing on the spot, he will not shake around. And during the operation, there is almost no noise in the car.

The reporter found out that the localization rate of this modern tram has reached 70%. For example, the chassis, motor, interior, and super capacitor of the vehicle have already achieved “Ningbo Manufacturing”.

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