Cement brick production process operation

1, mixing time: mixing time can be mixed evenly. The dry mix is ​​increased by 15-23% compared to the strength of 10 minutes in 20 minutes; the wet mixing time is preferably such that the material does not agglomerate. The storage time of the mixed materials is about 2 hours, and the time is too long or too short, which will reduce the compressive strength of the bricks.

2, molding pressure: the pressure of clay cement brick molding, the best 500 kg per square centimeter. Under this pressure, the product has high compressive strength and good water resistance. The pressure is too low to be compacted.

3, curing conditions: clay cement bricks generally use solar protection. The intensity of the 7-day-old natural day-care is equivalent to 67-90% of the 28-day-old strength; the 28-day-old intensity is 80-95% of the intensity of a quarter-year. Therefore, if the maintenance site is small, the clay cement brick can be shipped after 7 days of natural maintenance.

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