Brighten Your Eyes and See the Five Deceptions in the Paint Market

Paint is a special main material for home decoration. It is understood that in the general home decoration, paint spending accounts for only 5% of the entire renovation costs, but it accounts for 80% of the entire renovation area, 100% determines the overall decoration effect and the living environment, a direct impact on family health. However, most of the market is still occupied by some products with low prices and high prices. These products are in the name of environmental protection. Consumers who do not have considerable knowledge about paints are easily deceived, and accidentally fall into manufacturers' deceptions.

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Trick a sale not to serve

Deceive background: Most consumers only pay attention to the effect when purchasing paint, and ignore the service.

The usual tricks: Only the introduction of the product at the time of sale, and never mention the after-sales service.

Consequences: When the wall fades, powder falls out, etc., there is nowhere to resolve the problem. Manufacturers generally require consumers to deal with distributors directly. Even if they promised to come to the door for maintenance, the time will be delayed and the final result will be lost.

Lethality: ★★★★

Hide cycle: about half a year

Should lie to countermeasures

1. As far as economic conditions permit, select brand-name products as much as possible;

2. At the time of purchase, the salesman is asked for "site guidance". Manufacturers who do not have after-sales service usually evade the saying "no need" or "no problem".

3. Call the factory directly to ask about the time for home repairs. A good manufacturer promises a 24-hour on-site service.

Deception two garbage paint put on dress

Defrauding background: consumer's worship psychology.

Common tricks: At present, some paints that are branded with foreign brands are actually foreign-used garbage paints (overdue products) imported at a very low price, refilled at home, affixed foreign brands, and replaced foreign packaging. On the market, the profit of this kind of coating is about 4 to 5 times.

Consequences: This kind of product does not have the basic properties that the paint should have. After one or two months of use, the phenomenon of powder dropping, decoloration, etc. will occur. It is not environmentally friendly, and some of them have turned into bad taste, causing great potential for human health. .

Lethality: ★★★★★

Hide cycle: 2 months

Should lie to countermeasures

1. Understand the background and history of the manufacturer.

2. Buy a mature brand.

Deception three local products sell a foreign price

Deceive background: consumers are not easy to identify product quality.

Common tricks: Some local products using domestic raw materials, the quality of instability, but put a foreign brand to sell high prices, if consumers buy fake goods, spend a lot of money, do not say, the effect can only look at their own good luck Now.

Consequences: The economy suffers losses and spends more money, but it does not necessarily use real good products.

Lethality: ★★★

Hide time: six months to one year

Should lie to countermeasures

If economic conditions do not allow, it is better to choose pure domestic brands.

Deception 4 intentionally exaggerates features

The fraudulent background: Consumers are irrational, do not have knowledge of paint products, and do not consider information comprehensively. The most typical is the so-called five-in-one product that is now prevalent in the paint industry. The basic functions that a typical paint should have are deliberately exaggerated. These five functions include: mildew prevention, easy scrubbing, covering minor cracks, lasting beauty, and scent. According to industry analysts, the anti-mold and covering functions of the paint are all basic functions, but now they are used by merchants as selling points.

Consequences: 20% more money for the two functions that should be available.

Lethality: ★★★

Hide time: lifetime

Should lie to countermeasures

Look closely at wallets, do not blindly believe that the business's hype, understand their own needs, choose the appropriate product.

Deception five chaos scramble concept

Deception background: Consumers pay attention to environmental issues and lack relevant knowledge.

Common tricks: Grab a concept that consumers are unfamiliar with and scramble to create selling points. For example, zero-VOC coatings, which were popular recently, are analyzed by relevant parties. Under the current market conditions, zero-VOC coatings are simply not practical.

Under the current technical conditions, if the production of a genuine zero VOC does not affect the basic functional coatings, the price will be unacceptable to consumers.

Consequences: Use a product with a name that is not true.

Lethality: ★★★

Hide time: lifetime

Should be cheated

1, consult relevant experts before buying;

2. Don't overly believe in popular concepts.

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