Anhui Tiankang made China's first nano-lithium titanate battery

Recently, the first domestic nano-sized lithium titanate battery developed by Anhui Tiankang Group New Energy Co., Ltd. passed the inspection of the National Power and Energy Storage Battery Testing Center and passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

Experts agreed that the lithium battery has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high conversion efficiency of charge and discharge, good safety performance, long cycle life, and long service life (more than 15 years). It is a domestic initiative and has independent intellectual property rights. World leading level.

At the end of last year, Li Bin, then the governor of Anhui Province, visited the Tiankang Group and gave a high evaluation of the project. He personally took a ride on an electric sightseeing car loaded with lithium titanium dioxide batteries. At the same time, he praised the Tiankang people for their courage and long-term vision.

Tiankang Group is a large-scale backbone enterprise in the machinery industry of Anhui Province. It mainly produces industrial instruments, cables, optical cables, etc. The sales revenue in 2012 reached more than 2.6 billion yuan.

Since China proposed to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, especially the new energy industry, Tiankang Group, led by Chairman Zhao Kuang, has a broad view of the market and is keen to make decisions: to develop high-level lithium batteries. For this purpose, Tiankang Group invested special funds to build and divide professional workshops, and set up New Energy Co., Ltd. to take charge of lithium battery development.

Since then, Tiankang Group has strengthened the organization and dispatch of new energy projects and timely researched and solved the existing problems. The leaders of the relevant departments of the provinces and cities also came to investigate and give strong support and guidance so that the new energy projects can proceed smoothly.

Tiankang Group leaders believe that the development of lithium batteries, to do to do the highest level in the world. Therefore, the company has set up a special R&D organization to focus on advanced technical talents and conduct design and R&D. At the same time, they jointly studied with Peking University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, and industry experts. After careful research, the team of experts boldly adopted nano-lithium titanate anode materials and conquered core technologies such as increased compression strain constant-valve, making products more perfect.

Nano lithium titanate batteries have superior performance. Ordinary lithium batteries have a low charge and discharge capacity below zero degrees Celsius, and cannot work normally. However, nano lithium titanate batteries range from -30 degrees Celsius to -55 degrees Celsius, and the charge-discharge energy conversion efficiency is between 86% and 91%. The performance is very superior; ordinary lithium battery charge and discharge cycle is generally about 5,000 times, while the cycle life of nano lithium titanate battery can reach more than 20,000 times.

According to experts, the Nano lithium titanate battery developed by Tiankang Group can be comparable to the United States Altai Company and Japan’s Toshiba Corporation and is the third company in the world to produce this product.

Due to its advanced product level and reliable quality, Nano-titanate batteries developed by Tiankang Group have been used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric forklifts, and vans. Experts believe that the future can also be used for electric buses, mining engineering vehicles, as well as military and aerospace fields, which require high battery safety, and have broad prospects for development.

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