Alibaba's next step: developing a quantum computer

Chinese technology companies are beginning to get involved in the next technological world that could change the world – quantum computing and quantum communications.

On the afternoon of July 30th, Alibaba, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, announced the establishment of a new laboratory jointly with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly carry out forward-looking research in the field of quantum information science and develop quantum computers.

On the same day, the "Chinese Academy of Sciences - Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory" was formally established in Shanghai. The lab will combine Alibaba's technological advantages in classical computing algorithms, architecture and cloud computing, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences' advantages in quantum computing and simulation, quantum artificial intelligence, etc., subvert Moore's Law and explore the next generation of ultra-fast computing beyond classical computers. technology.

Quantum computer is a physical device that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and performs high-speed operation, storage and processing of quantum information. Once realized, it means that the calculation speed will increase by billions of times. This leap in computing power will go far beyond the abacus to the advancement of contemporary supercomputers.

According to today's standards, the processing speed that quantum computing can achieve is unimaginable. Suppose people use this kind of quantum computer in the field of surveillance. It can instantly scan the face of 6 billion people in the database and identify the identity of a person in real time.

According to the joint lab's research plan: It is expected that by 2025, quantum simulation will reach the level of the world's fastest supercomputer, initially applied to some major scientific and technological problems that cannot be solved at present; by 2030, it will have 50-100 quantum Bit's universal quantum computing prototype breaks through the chip technology of large-scale quantum computers, from physical layer design and manufacturing, to algorithm operation to achieve independent research and development, comprehensive realization of general quantum computing functions, and applied to major practical problems such as big data processing.

In addition, Alibaba Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will work closely together to realize the practical application of quantum secure communication technology in e-commerce and data center security.

Professor Pan Jianwei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences is at an internationally advanced level in quantum information technology. Over the past decade or so, the results of relevant research teams have been selected by the American Physical Society, the European Physical Society, and Nature. Significant annual progress in the selection of magazines, Science magazines and other international institutions. Alibaba has the world's largest e-commerce platform, the world's leading cloud computing platform, and large-scale, diversified business scenarios. It is the best partner to catalyze the mature commercialization of quantum information technology.

Wang Jian, chief technology officer of Alibaba Group, said: "If you want to choose among today's forward-looking technologies, I must choose quantum computing. The wave of quantum information technology will have a revolutionary impact on cloud computing and truly provide unrestricted computing power for human beings. From being a follower to being a leader, this is a great opportunity for every technology company."

In September 2014, Google also launched a quantum computer development program to establish a joint lab with NASA to design and build quantum computing processors.

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