Hanging at the end of the corridor

Now many people in home improvement will choose paintings to decorate their houses. The corridors are the only places leading to the upstairs and downstairs. The creation and decoration of the corridor environment will enhance the elegant art and cultural atmosphere of the interior. So, what paint ......Reading more

Qingdao, Shandong roller testing equipment use matters …

Roller testing equipment is an important equipment for internal control quality and qualification evaluation of idler production companies and conveyor production companies. Its operation is very important and rigorous. Operators must strictly follow the operating specifications. The following are ......Reading more

Why can cork flooring become a favorite of people?

Softwood is known as "soft gold" and has a series of excellent properties such as low density, compressibility, elasticity, airtightness, water resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, shock absorption, sound insulation, flame retardancy, ins ......Reading more

Do you know the advantages of fixed ball valve?

The flange fixed ball valve is a kind of valve. It belongs to the same type of valve as the flanged gate valve, flanged butterfly valve, and oxygen relief valve. The difference is that its closing part is a sphere, and the sphere rotates around the center line of the valve body to open and shut dow ......Reading more

How to prevent static electricity in car crashes?

The weather is dry. When we enter and leave the car's cab, we often pick up the static electricity. The little tingling always makes people feel slightly uncomfortable. So how can we prevent them? First, friction and friction, do not rub the car on the rough fiber static electricity from the f ......Reading more

Scientists invent lightweight membranes that significan…

Passengers on helicopters or on flights have experienced noise disturbances. Researchers at North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a membrane that can be implanted into an aircraft to reduce low-frequency noise that penetrates the cabin. Passe ......Reading more

How to distinguish the paint on the steel door

There are two types of steel doors, one is called steel-wood interior door, the door is used for interior decoration, and the other is called armored door. The above two kinds of doors are developed from the security door. Many of the crafts are transferred from the security d ......Reading more