Thread connection failure form and control method there…

This paper establishes a threaded connection failure model based on the problem of threaded connection failure encountered during vehicle development. Through theoretical analysis of the key factors causing torque attenuation, wear and crush, thread tripping and loosening failure, i ......Reading more

Fire board production equipment and features

Production equipment The plate making machine, the rubberized veneer dryer and the hood are composed of six models of three sizes: large, medium and small, depending on the output of the class and the degree of automation. Production equipment features 1. Structural principle and specificat ......Reading more

Hardware industry market development status

In previous years, the overall level of China's hardware industry was not very high, and there were many small and medium-sized enterprises. The start was relatively low, mostly for some small workshops; the changes in recent years were relatively large, and the first was the improveme ......Reading more

Fire board construction and maintenance

Construction aspect When installing the board, the material must be allowed to reach room temperature standards and maintain a stable temperature. Materials must not be installed in locations that are at very different temperatures than in normal use. The panels are more resistant to impact ......Reading more

Heating cable installer

1. Before installing the electric geothermal floor heating, test the nominal resistance and insulation resistance of the hot cable. 2. Insulation materials laid on the ground, special insulation board for Anbang heating cable can be selected. If the ground humidity is large, a waterproof film ......Reading more