Winter bathroom heater Yuba, heaters in the end who is …

One, Yuba PK heater Yuba and heaters in the end which is better? First of all, one point, where we have a special type of bathroom heaters Yuba warm, and heaters refers to the wind-warming type Yuba, in fact, is the warm type of Yuba and warm wind Yuba Which is better? Well, we are starting to co ......Reading more

Speed ​​differential fall arrester works

Use the speed difference of the runner to control automatically, and use it with high hanging. During work, the upper anti-dropping hook of the anti-dropping device is hung on the structural frame above the working point, and the lower anti-dropping hook is hung on the safety belt of the staff. Whe ......Reading more

Tubular trolley wire installation scheme technical spec…

Tube type wire product main technical indicators and use parameters Operating Voltage AC 660V DC 1000V Maximum speed 200m/min Motion error Horizontal direction ±40mm Vertical direction ±40mm Collector Resistance coefficient: 0.1-0.35 Wear coefficient: 0.2 Contact pressure drop: 0. ......Reading more

MP-S standard melt pump

MP-S standard melt pump Product parameters: outlet pressure up to 35MPa, temperature ≦350°C, material viscosity ≦40000Pa.s, transfer capacity 0.4~2620cc/rev, hardness up to 62-64HRC, pulsation rate 0.5%FS. Product specifications: 0.4CC, 1CC, 2CC, 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 31.5CC, 50CC ......Reading more