Toilet size

As people’s daily necessities, people attach great importance to the quality and texture of the toilet. Do you know the size of the toilet? Do you know the precautions for toilet installation? Let me introduce the toilet to everyone! What are the toilet sizes The first is the width of the to ......Reading more

Which brand of sink is good

The sink used in the home kitchen is a very frequently used appliance. Choosing a safe, beautiful, and easy-to-clean sink is very important to create a comfortable and warm home environment. Aside from the prestigious imported sink brands, there are actually many excellent domestic sink brands in t ......Reading more

What are the security risks of using smart door lock ne…

The use of smart door locks is one of the characteristics of smart door locks. However, since the introduction of smart door locks, security concerns about smart door lock networking have existed. Many consumers have questioned the security of smart door locks. Therefore, today Xiaobian will talk ......Reading more

Bathroom Floor Drain Installation Atlas

The bathroom floor drain must not be installed in this way. I don’t know how to install it wrong. When decorating the home, you must install a floor drain, especially in places such as balconies and bathrooms. You can install more than one floor drain. Many people think that the floor drain ......Reading more

TCL smart cloud TV 9 features

As smart cloud TV technology becomes more and more mature, the popularity of cloud TV for home use is also increasing. In the smart cloud TV brand selection, TCL is worth recommending. What is the function of TCL Smart Cloud TV? Here are 9 features for you. TCL Smart Cloud TV features: 1, online ......Reading more

Go Jiaju tells you that you always sleep well? You may …

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Wooden tub bathtub size

In today's highly competitive society, we need to completely relax ourselves. As a result, the other culture of ancient bathing, the bathing barrel, is becoming more and more popular with everyone. It is no longer the picture of beauty in the bath in the TV series, and gradually entered thousan ......Reading more